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Student Ensembles, Brass Symposium, and the pBone Program

There are several educational opportunities during the Festival itself and throughout the year to help celebrate and preserve brass band music.

Student Ensembles

This is the inaugural year of the Student Brass Ensembles Program; giving students the opportunity to play along side some of the best brass musicians in the world. Each group will have multiple opportunities to play throughout the weekend.  They will also take part in educational opportunities, enhancing their skills and connecting with professionals in the world of brass music.

View the profile below to see this year’s lineup and schedule.

The Brass Symposium

The Brass Symposium is an all day event held every Friday of Festival weekend.  This educational event provides its audience a chance to engage with the performers on an individual basis, learn from musicians and professors in the field from the paper presentations, and enjoy live brass performances. This is a ticketed event, so be sure to get your ticket for the Symposium.

Youth GABBF pBone Program

Conn Selmer in 2016 donated 30 pBone instruments (15 trumpets & 15 trombones) to the Festival.   Those instruments are used in our local pBone program, with 4th or 5th grade students.  Students learn about the trumpet/trombone and then learn to play a short song over the weeks of the program. The final class consists of a short performance. The Festival films this brass in the class experience to show the students’ musical progress. To see the first pBone Program class performance, please click here: pBone Program in Action.