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usic of the Roaring Twenties will be center stage at the 28th annual Great America Brass Band Festival, June 1–4, 2017. The period 1919–1930 ranks among the most dynamic in American musical history, a peak time for the emerging Broadway show scene, brass and wind bands having hit a high water mark in both repertoire and level of performance, and a true time of change in American leisure culture as radio, sound recordings, and sound films made their first great impact.

Our featured groups include both popular favorites and new bands that will be sure to delight our diverse audience. Our guest performers will span the widest range of brass styles and performing groups—from historical bands of the Civil War to modern, large-scale brass and wind bands. This year our bands will embrace some of the great hits of the 1920s, whether from a Sousa Band park concert, from an Ira and George Gershwin show, or sound from a Prohibition Speakeasy! The 2017 festival will be among the most intense, exciting, informative, and colorful of all!


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