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Wildcat Regiment Band

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Home, PA – The Wildcat Regiment Band today is comprised of musicians of all ages and from various professional backgrounds. Like their predecessors, the current bandsmen have been recruited from the same geographical area in Pennsylvania and come from all walks of life. The cornets and saxhorns played by the Wildcat Band today are the same as the instruments that were in service during battle and dress parades in 1861. All of the horns date from the Civil War era, some as early as 1845. Much of the regimental band music that will be performed has its roots in the small town “cornet bands” of the 19th century. Many of these original 19th century arrangements have been taken from band books found in the archives of the Smithsonian Institution and Library of Congress, as well as from private collections. Among the selections performed are “Lurline Quickstep”, “Carnival Waltz”, “Old K. Y, Ky”, “Hunters Chorus from the Rose of Erin” and “Puritani Quickstep.” Come out to enjoy this historic brass band.


Performed at 2016 GABBF