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1st brigade bandX
100th Army Band/8UPX
257th Army Band of DCNGXX
8th Regiment BandXXXXXXXX
Agincourt Temple Band of the Salvation ArmyX
Al HoodXX
All Stars YouthX
Allen VizzuttiXX
American Tuba/Euphonium QuartetX
Americus Brass BandX
Ameriikan PoijatXX
Athena Brass BandX
Atlanta Temple BandXX
Atlanta Trumpet EnsembleX
Atlantic Brass BandX
Band of Battle CreekX
Band of San GiorgioX
Band of the Air Force ReserveXXXXX
Billy Goat Strut RevueXXX
Black Dyke Trombone QuartetX
Bluegrass BrassXXXXX
Bluegrass Brass Senior Drum and Bugle CorpsX
Bluegrass Youth Jazz OrchestraX
Bob Durst Ragtime ShowX
Boston BrassXX
Boyle County Marching Band (Parade only)X
Bourbon Boys QuintetX
Brass Band of ColumbusXXXXX
California Gold Rush BandXX
Canadian BrassXXX
Canadian Staff Band of the Salvation ArmyXX
Capital City Community BandX
Capital City Concert BandXX
Central Kentucky Concert BandXX
Central Ohio Brass BandX
Centre Saxes
Centre TrumpetsX
Ceremonial Band of the Waterloo Regional Police ServiceX
Chapel Brass of the Salvation ArmyX
Charles VillarrubiaX
Chestnut Brass CompanyXX
Chicago Brass BandXX
Chicago Footwarmers (Dick Domek)X
Chicago Staff Band of the Salvation ArmyX
Cincinnati Brass BandX
Circle City Sidewalk StompersXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Commonwealth Brass BandXX
Commonwealth TrombonesX
Dallas BrassXX
Daniel RodriguezX
Danville Admirals Marching Band (Parade only)X
Danville Pipe BandXXXXX
Dennis Burian U.S. Marine BandXX
DiMartino/Osland Jazz OrchestraXXXX
Dirty Dozen Brass BandX
Disneyland BandX
Dixie KingsX
Dixie Power TrioXXXXXXXX
Doc SeverinsenX
Dodworth Saxhorn BandXXXXXX
Don ZentX
Earle LouderX
EKU Brass QuintetXXX
Elite SyncopatorsXX
Empire Brass with Bibi BlackX
Excelsior Cornet BandX
Federal City Brass BandX
Festival Brass-Steve SykesX
Flint Citadel Salvation Army BandX
Fountain City BrassXX
Fountain City YouthX
Four Horseman Tuba QuartetXX
Franconian Harmonics EstenfeldX
Gabriel DiMartinoXX
George Mason University Tuba QuartetXX
Georgia Brass BandX
Gerassimos IoannidisX
Gold Rush Cornet BandXX
Grant County High School Brass ChoirX
Great Olympian Traditional Jazz BandXXX
Holy Name BandX
Household Troops Band of the Salvation ArmyX
Illinois Brass BandX
Indiana Wind SymphonyXX
Indianapolis Brass ChoirX
Indianapolis Symphonic BandX
Intrada Brass BandX
Jack Brass BandXXX
James Madison University Brass BandX
Jens LindemannXXX
Joe HuntX
Joseph TurrinX
Kentuckiana Brass and Percussion EnsembleX
Kentucky Baroque TrumpetsX
Kentucky United Pipe BandX
Kiev Saxophone QuartetX
Kosleika Shrine BandX
Lagniappe Brass BandX
Lexington Brass BandXXXXXX
Lexington Brass QuintetXX
Limestone College Tuba-Euphonium EnsembleX
London Citadel Band of the Salvation ArmyXXXXX
Louisville Mandolin OrchestraX
Lowdown Brass BandX
Luur MetallsX
Madison Community BandXX
Main Street BrassXXXXXXXXXXX
March Madness Brass Band (Parade Only)XXXXXX
Mark RidenourX
Miles Osland QuartetX
Millennium BrassXXXXXX
Mississauga Temple BandX
MJT projectX
Most Wanted Brass BandX
Mr. Jack Daniels Original Silver Cornet BandXXXXXXX
Munich Trumpet EnsembleX
Naperville Municipal BandXX
Natalie DungeyX
National Capitol Band of the Salvation ArmyXXXX
New Birth BrassX
New Colombian Brass BandX
New Colombian Wind BandX
New Custer Brass BandX
New Line Brass BandX
New Walnut Street All-Star OrchestraXX
New York Staff Band of the Salvation ArmyXX
Nick ChildX
North Carolina Brass BandX
North Fulton Trombone CartelX
Oakland University Brass BandX
Ohio Village MuffinsX
Olde Towne BrassXXXXXXXX
Oshawa Temple BandX
Patrick SheridanX
Peter GrahamX
Phil Smith and UGA Bulldog BrassXX
Piedmont Trombone SocietyX
Powerhouse BrassX
Prefab RehabX
Princeton Brass BandX
Raleigh Daily TrioX
Regiment Band of the 11th North Carolina TroopsX
Rex RichardsonX
Rhythm and BrassXXXXXXX
Rich IllmanX
Richard ZimmermanX
Rick So WashX
River Cities Concert BandX
River City Brass BandXXXXX
River City Youth Brass BandX
Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big BrassXX
Roman Festival BrassX
Rose Street Brass (Parade Only)X
Sam PilafianXX
Sheldon Theatre Brass BandX
Sierra del Mar Salvation Army BandX
Soul Rebels Brass BandX
Southern Stars Symphonic Brass BandXX
Southern Territorial Band of the Salvation ArmyXXX
Spanish BrassX
Spectrum BrassXX
St. James Tripolians Steel OrchestraX
St. John's Bicycle BandX
St. John's Brass BandX
Steve MeadX
Stiletto Brass QuintetX
Stooges Brass BandXX
Storyville Stompers Brass BandXXXX
Summit BrassX
Territorial Brass BandX
Terry EversonX
Tivoli EnsembleX
Top BrassXXX
Tornado Brass BandX
Town Branch Five Plus Two (Dick Domek)XXX
Trailblazers 10-Piece BrassX
Triangle Brass BandXX
University of Alabama Trombone ChoirX
U.S. Air Force Band of FlightX
U.S. Army Air Force Band, Airmen of NoteX
U.S. Army Band "Perishing's Own"X
U.S. Army Band Herald TrumpetsXX
U.S. Army Brass QuintetXX
U.S. Army Ceremonial Brass Band and Herald TrumpetsX
U.S. Army Field Band Chamber Brass QuintetX
U.S. Army Field Band Federal BrassX
U.S. Brass WorksX
U.S. Coast Guard BandX
U.S. Marine Band Brass Choir (presidents own)X
U.S. Marine Band Brass QuintetX
U.S. Military Academy HellcatsXXXXX
UK Faculty Brass QuintetXX
UK Trombone ChoirX
UK Trumpet ChoirX
Varsity All-Star Brass BandX
Village BrassXXX
Vince DiMartinoX
Walnut Street Ragtime Ramblers (Dick Domek)XXXXXXX
Weston Silver BandX
Wheelmen (Ohio & Kentucky)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wildcat Regiment BandX
Windjammers Center Ring Concert BandX
Wright BrassX
Wycliffe GordonXXXX
Zlatne UsteX

We are currently working to compile our extensive archive of performers and festivals. Please check back for updates, as we progress.

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Wycliffe Gordon

Photo of Wycliffe Gordon

Lexington, KY – Musical ambassador and interpreter of America’s music, Wycliffe Gordon experiences an impressive career touring the world performing hard-swinging, straight-ahead jazz receiving great acclaim from audiences and critics alike. His unmatched modern mastery of the plunger mute and his exceptional technique and signature sound, has solidified Gordon a place in musical history known as one of the top trombonists of his generation.


Performed at 2016 GABBF





June 5th – 8th, 2014

The Great American Brass Band Festival, an internationally renowned music event, turns 25 in June 2014. To celebrate this milestone the Festival is inviting back brass groups who played a key role in the early days of the GABBF as well as continuing the Festival’s goals to feature new ensembles and to grow our educational component.

Among ‘pioneer’ groups returning this year will be Jack Daniels’ Silver Cornet Band, the Brass Band of Columbus, the Civil War-era Saxton’s Cornet Band, Dixie Power Trio, and the reincarnation of the Olympia Brass Band, the Storyville Stompers from New Orleans. Making their GABBF premiere will be Zlatne Uste, a championship Balkan-style brass band from New York City, and the River City Youth Brass Band from Pittsburgh.

At the Friday Brass Symposium one special focus will be a retrospective of the entire 25 years of the festival, headed up by a range of band personalities and scholars, including the founder of the GABBF, Dr. George Foreman. Foreman will share both amusing and informative stories from the history of the Festival, as well as preview a projected book on the GABBF.


2014 GABBF Brochure
2014 GABBF Poster
2014 Poster Press Release
2014 GABBF Digital Ad 1
2014 GABBF Digital Ad 2
2014 GABBF Print Ad



Great American Brass Band Festival: 2015

Photo of Great American Brass Band Festival: 2015

June 4—7, 2015

Brass Greats of American Jazz headline the 26th annual Great American Brass Band Festival, June 4—7, 2015. While maintaining the widest range of brass styles and performing groups—from historical bands of the Civil War to modern, large-scale British-style brass bands—the festival will have a special focus on America jazz and some of the great brass performers who played a major role in the development of America’s most significant contribution to world music.

Among ‘Brass Greats’ to be profiled will be the brass legends like Louis Armstrong. King Oliver, Clifford Brown, and a host of others. An outstanding array of jazz musicians, both soloists and ensemble, will head the lineup: Soloists Wycliffe Gordon, Rex Richardson, Al Hood, Vince DiMartino; Jazz Groups: USAF Airmen of Note, Rhythm and Brass, DiMartino–Osland Jazz Orchestra (with Raleigh Dailey Jazz Trio), and a new ‘early American jazz’ group, The Town Branch Five Plus Two. Two fine traditional New Orleans-style jazz groups will also feature in a major way: Storyville Stompers and Lagniappe.

Traditional brass band music will also be front-and-center. We are proud to announce that the outstanding British Salvation Army brass band, The Household Troops Band, will end their 2015 American tour at the GABBF, and play a major role in the weekend. Other favorites include the Civil war era Saxton’s Cornet Band, and representing the North American Brass Band Association, the University of Oakland (MI) Brass Band.


Brass Symposium Press Release
Strike Up the Band Press Release
Summertime and the Living is Easy Press Release
2015 GABBF Brochure





June 2-5, 2016

This year, we celebrate the great tradition of bands in America that has flourished from decades before our Civil War right up to the present during the 27th annual Great American Brass Band Festival, June 2—5, 2016.  Hundreds of thousands of volunteer musicians currently play in bands across our land.  We honor them this year with an emphasis on community bands from across the region and even from Canada.  Yet the GABBF always puts professional musicians front and center as well.  Headlining the weekend will be the superb United States Army Band, “Pershing’s Own”, from Washington, DC.  Renowned brass artists will also be featured along with the widest range of brass music, from New Orleans-style jazz brass band Storyville Stompers to chamber-size groups like Bulldog Brass from the University of Georgia, including world-class trumpeter Philip Smith, former principal of the New York Philharmonic, who will feature with them.

New to the GABBF this year will be the exciting Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass, a group adept at many styles of music, including great jazz. Joining them will be perennial favorite Wycliffe Gordon, trombonist extraordinaire.  Home grown solo talent, now following his own solo trumpet and teaching career (University of Syracuse music faculty) will be Gabriel Di Martino.  British-style brass bands will be represented by the top-flight professional North Carolina Brass Band and the community-based Salvation Army band from Worthington, OH, Chapel Brass. We are pleased to offer a Civil War-era Battle of the Bands this year that will combine, from the ‘North’ The Wildcat Regiment Band, and, from the ‘South,’ Kentucky’s own Saxton’s Cornet Band.   Playing a key role throughout the weekend will be trumpet and trombone choirs made up of outstanding players from the University of Kentucky.

We are very pleased that six ‘community’ wind bands will cement our theme this year. The groups include the host Advocate Brass Band (Danville, KY), Capital City Band (Frankfort, KY), Central Kentucky Concert Band (Lexington, KY),  Madison Community Band (Richmond, KY), and all the way from Ontario, Canada, the Ceremonial Band of the Waterloo Regional Police Service, a group at home in both concert formation and on parade and in outdoor musical demonstrations.  Returning to the GABBF are several specialist groups, like Dick Domek’s winsome Walnut Street Ragtime Ramblers, the highly entertaining Circle City Stompers, and well-known pianist Scott Kirby. Scott will add invaluably to our Theme with a new, exciting program entitled Main Street Souvenirs: A Journey Through the American Heartland, a multi-media presentation that will be offered at both annual the Brass Symposium and again on Saturday afternoon. 


2016 GABBF Brochure