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May 7, 2019
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May 28, 2019

2019 Great American Brass Band Festival Poster


2019 Great American Brass Band Festival Poster

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The poster creators, John and Dana Dixon, have requested a special thank you go out to the following folks for their help with the 30th Anniversary Poster:

Lydia and Edward Ellis
Lisa and George Foreman
Patti Powell and Vince DiMartino
Jane and JP Brantley
Allison and Jacob Tamme
Bill Griffin, Bill Griffin Photography
Mike Abbott, Thoroughbred Printing
Mary Ashby Girard, Boyle County Library
Beth Morgan, Grace Doherty Library, Centre College
Mary Kay Jones, Centre College Communications
Diane Johnson, Centre College Communications
Lori Kagan-Moore, Great American Dollhouse Museum
Heather Henson, Pioneer Playhouse
Eben Henson, City Art Signs
Angela Allen and Steve Knight, Cool Jazz Web Design
Louise Allen
Bill Bandy
John WD Bowling
Greg Caudill
Mark de Araujo
Robert Hugh Hunt
Miles Osland
Mike Perros
Jim Rankin
Dudley Spoonamore