Constructed in 1845, the building that is now the Main Inn at The Beaumont Inn was a school for young ladies of our grandmothers’ and great-grandmothers’ day. It was owned by Dr. Samuel Mullins, and it operated as the Greenville Institute until 1855.

For the next forty years, the school was known as Daughters College, and it was under the direction of Mr. John Augustus Williams, former president of the University of Kentucky.

In 1894, the school was bought by Colonel Thomas Smith, veteran of the army of the Confederate States of America. The school operated as Beaumont College until 1916. It was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Glave Goddard in 1917 and converted by them into the Beaumont Inn two years later.

Now, almost a century afterward, descendants of the Goddards continue to refine the art of southern hospitality. Here in a park-like setting of centuries-old forest trees, serenely remote from the cares of the work-a-day world, the fourth and fifth generations of the family now open the doors of the Beaumont Inn to welcome guests to their heritage and hospitality.